Evel – Our 1955 Ford F600

This truck appeared on the side of the road about 5 months ago. My wife saw it first, and knew we were in trouble. I saw it next, and fell in love.

With a little help from Kathy I was able to make an offer to the owner last Wednesday, before Spring arrived and someone with a wrecker or a nice trailer showed up and snagged it before I did. He accepted my offer, and even brought it to the house and helped me get it up the driveway and into it’s temporary spot in the gravel parking lot out front. (It’s wreaking havoc on FedEx and UPS, as the gravel lot is their preferred turn around spot!)

I named him Evel because the custom paint job reminds me of Evel Knievel’s suit. He’s a Ford F600 1.5 Ton Dump Truck, manufactured in 1955 in Chicago, IL USA.

I bought this truck under the assumption that it does NOT run. However, I was told that the Ford 302 motor that’s in it runs just fine, it just needs new fluids, filters, fuel, and a battery. We’ll see about that. I am having a somewhat difficult time finding the engine ID tag, but what I have found so far is leading me to believe the Ford 302 V8 statements are accurate. I was told that the biggest problem with the truck is the brakes… nothing more than that, just that the brakes don’t work. I feared the worst after finding an old rusty brake booster in the front seat of the truck, as it had been cut out of whatever vehicle it was in. I expected to find missing parts and cut brake lines when I got under the truck, but I found a fully intact brake system with booster, master cylinder, and brake lines. I am now much more optimistic that I’ll be able to figure out what’s up with the brakes and get them working again.

This is not a full on restoration project, at least that’s not the plan right now. This is a “let’s make it work and have some fun” project!

The next step, realistically, is to figure out how to get it inside the garage. Once it’s inside, I can see about stuffing some oil and gas and a battery in it and test the running motor theory, and I can get all the way underneath it, with some lights, and get to work on the brake system. For now, it’s going to stay parked where it is, as there are two other Ford’s already in the garage needing attention. I’m going to get the 1931 Ford Model “A” Coupe, and the 1929 Ford Model “A” Truck, running this summer… then we can see about making a home inside for Evel.

Hopefully, within a year or two you’ll see Evel in the Richwood’s parades, giving hayrides around the property, and helping us (and friends?) with various projects.

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