Denali Day

Until now, I haven’t done much in the way of customization with the new truck. I shouldn’t really say “new,” as she will have been in our fleet for 3 years this September. I think I had the windows tinted by Cool Shades ( in St. Peter’s within a month or so of bringing her home. It’s been nothing but wash, wax, and miles on the road since then.

It really wasn’t much of a customization/upgrade. I kind of wanted a specific set of tires. At minimum, I wanted tires made in U.S.A. If you’ve ever looked for tires made in the United States, you know it’s not an especially easy task, and there isn’t exactly a huge selection.

A few months ago, I ordered a set of Dick Cepek tires in what I thought was the correct size for my truck. I goofed and gave the guys at the tire shop the wrong size, totally my bad. So, when I got to the shop they were not able to put the tires on, as they wouldn’t fit without some adjustments to the truck. Adjustments I wasn’t prepared to make at the time. We discussed different tire options, but they were all Chinese/Japanese options. So, I decided to do some more research, and do a little saving, to try and get what I actually wanted, rather than another tire compromise.

I bought a set of 2″ BORA (Bulletproof Off Road Adapters) from a little company in Reno/Sparks, Nevada, called Motorsport Tech ( They make hub-centric wheel spacers, right here at home in the U.S.A., for cars, trucks, ATV/UTVs, and tractors. The 2″ spacers allowed me to give adequate space between the larger/wider tires in the back, without grinding or cutting the factory wheel studs. And, it’s not for everyone (in fact, in this case it’s for me, exclusively) but my back tires fill out the wheel wells nicely now. They even extend out past the wheel wells a little bit, which I think looks fantastic. A 2″ Leveling Kit from Rough Country Suspension Systems (also made in U.S.A.) ( leveled out the truck, and brought the front end up enough to keep the Dick Cepek Extreme Country 285/70/17 tires from rubbing, even at full turn. I love having the truck leveled out during normal driving. I am really diggin’ the look, and the ride is super nice. My old tires were pretty well shot, so between nice new tread and an alignment, the truck drives better than it did when I brought it home 2.5 years ago. I can take my hand off the wheel and she roll straight as an arrow.

Plaza Tire & Auto in Potosi, Missouri did the work for me, and I am super happy with the result. So far, Plaza Potosi has taken care of passenger tires, tractor tires, and now truck tires and suspension upgrades. If you’re anywhere near Potosi and need tires, I highly recommend you give Jeremy a call: (573) 436-2777

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