Site Work Continues

Getting this site/blog the way I want it has been a difficult process. I am trying to simplify my life a little by using WordPress and their tools, rather than start from scratch in Visual Studio and spend who knows how much time building my “perfect” personal site/blog. So, I have been trying to find the right WordPress theme that gives me the right balance between the features I want and a display layout I can live with. It has been a long and not-so-fun process of “trying and customizing” different themes to evaluate their features and layout. Just when I find one I can settle in to, I find a reason to hate it. It has not helped that most of the posts written before mid-2017 were written without themes or features in mind. When evaluating themes, it helps to have posts with content that expose the features of the theme you are evaluating. I have had to do a fair amount of editing or, more accurately stated, “temporary hacking,” of older posts to try and get them to play nice with the particular theme I am evaluating.

The above is a long way of saying, “getting this site the way I want it has been a real pain the ass.”

I think I found the “right” theme today. It is a cold, dark, and snowy winter day in Fletcher, and I am bored and feeling cooped up. I really enjoy being outside, especially on private property. By that I mean to say I am not much of a public park person anymore, but I prefer being outside to inside. Winter is bumming me out hard core this year. Anyway, I am hanging out in the office with the wife and decided, considering my level of boredom today, that working on the WordPress site would not be as painful and frustrating as usual. And, what do you know, it worked! I did a little searching on a particular issue I have been having, and read up on a couple of the features I have been wanting to try out, and in pretty short order I found the theme you are looking at now while reading this post. The layout is something I can live with, and it has the post-format features I have been looking for to create a distinction (beyond post categories) between my posts.

I have some more work to do. I am happy enough with this theme that I am going to go back and edit (not hack up) all of my previous posts so they display well in this them. I will probably be doing some experimentation with additional post categories, and actual pages within the site. As far as posts go, I will be using post-formats based on the type of content I am posting, and hopefully that is going to lead to a site that is visually more appealing and interesting, and easier to use.

And, yeah… I have not been writing recently. I blame it on winter. I am not going to dwell on it, I am just going to hope that getting the site working and looking the way I want will help me write more.

As always, thanks for reading!

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