Mom Sparks – 89 and Still the Boss!

img_0220My mom celebrated her 89th birthday on Saturday, March 10, 2018!

Many of the local family celebrated her birthday with her Sunday at the Spaghetti Factory in Chesterfield.  Kathy and I were not able to make it. 😦

My plan was to stop by her place on her birthday, but as usual I checked in first to see how she was doing, and to make sure it was OK to stop by.  She said she had some other folks stopping by, so “maybe it would be better if you came by some time next week.”  I bowl on Monday’s not far from her home, so I set it up to stop by and say hello today.

It was a short, but good visit.  She was in good spirits, even though she’s really PO’d with having to deal with an oxygen tank, among a few other things that come with being 89 years old.

I’m probably going to get myself in trouble for this, and I’m OK with that. However, I better NOT get Mom in trouble… I’m told she was very difficult about photos on Sunday at the Spaghetti Factory.  So difficult, in fact, it is possible that no photos were taken, I’m not sure.  When I asked if I could take a photo with her today, she objected immediately, and strongly.  When I said “Awww, please?”, she said “OK, but ONLY because it’s been a long time since you got to take a photo with me.”  So, as you can see, I got another selfie with my Mom!! 🙂  She also refused to smile.  Well, you see how well that worked out, eh? I guess I just have that effect on people. [smirk]

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