More Trash Gone

It could have been worse, but we’ve been clearing trash off the 17 acres since we moved in.  Some old trash that seems like it’s been here a while.  Some trash that I have photographic proof was dumped in the woods 2 days (or less) before we took ownership of the property.  Until now, everything has been a matter of pulling the garbage out of the woods and getting it to the curb for the week trash pickup.  There are worse things than spending time outside and getting in better physical shape cleaning up the woods, even if it is someone else’s garbage.

Today, I dug out a piece of trash that’s been bugging us since we found it, and it’s the first one that has cost me money to deal with.  I’m glad to have it gone, and I’m glad to have it done the right way.  I’m still a little pissed off at the previous owner for all the left-behind trash.  I’ve thought about loading it all into my truck and delivering it to their new front lawn and saying “HERE! YOU FORGOT THIS!”  Jail time isn’t part of my 10-year-plan, though, so I just keep hauling it out.

By the way, I find treating the land and Mother Nature like this offensive.

A seriously old Made in USA TV (with built in AM/FM radio tuner!) I pulled from the woods.
Two TV’s and a bucket full of batteries GONE to recycling! Thanks, G!

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