“RUNabout” was right!

Well, it looks like I have some writing to do!

We’re back home in the STL, safe and sound after 4037 miles in 18 days!

This trip was a little different for us.  Normally we travel hard for a day or two, setup home at our destination, and stay there for as many as 8-10 consecutive nights.  This trip, our stops were as follows:

Amarillo, TX : 1 Night
Winslow, AZ : 4 Nights
Las Vegas, NV : 4 Nights
Grand Canyon, AZ : 2 Nights
Fountain Hills, AZ : 4 Nights
Tucumcari, NM : 1 Night
Tulsa, OK : 1 Night

This made for a LOT of driving, and it made it hard to make any one spot “home.”  We didn’t unpack as much as we normally do at each site, and we didn’t keep a fully stocked fridge and do a lot of cooking in the RV like we normally do.  Instead we kept moving, kept active, kept seeing people, and kept eating on the road.

This also made it hard for me to get into a regular blogging groove.  It was difficult to check in on Facebook and post photos… I only shared a fraction of the photos I took.

So, this section is going to be a retrospective.  I’ll try to get at least one post added here every day, which should also help me get back into the overall blogging groove.

Thank you, friendly reader, for checking in!