Day 39 : Old School Fuzz

This little guy reminds me of an old and wise biker, dunno why. It’s cold, it’s windy, it’s snowy, people are grumpy… Fuzz it up and it’ll be a better day.


This is my first “Fuzz it Up” post on my new site instead of Facebook… I’m jazzed.

2 thoughts on “Day 39 : Old School Fuzz

  1. I’ll try and keep up on my daily Fuzz Fix through this site! Gonna try anyway!! I try to make it a point to keep it light on FB and ignore rants, politics and share this if you want to keep on living posts!

    • I have to change the settings to make it easier and faster to comment. It’s OK… I will always share the Fuzz from here to FB, so you’ll still see it everyday. 🙂 Fuzz it up, bro. See you Monday!

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