Day 25 : The Fuzz Goes On

WOW! I hear you friends! After a few cranky days I’m over here grumpin’, forgetting why I started sharing bunnies in the first place, and here y’all come… whisperin’ in my ear sayin’ “Hey man, it’s gonna be alright, we got some fuzz for you, too.” I love you guys, and I do care about your fuzz factor because, really, I’d like for us all to have some consecutive good, positive, days. I let myself get into the dumps a little bit, and from down there 365 days of bunnies looked pointless, and impossible. So, we’re going to take this one… day… at… a… time.

Fuzz it up TODAY, my friends… life is too short to stay mad. Thank you for the reminder! You know who you are.


Original FB Post Date: 1/25/2017

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